Refrigeration is a key component of any home and many businesses. You need an HVAC company you can trust with the important job of keeping your refrigeration system working effectively and efficiently.  Ether offers refrigeration unit service and repairs for commercial and residential clients across Southern Ontario. We can handle all your refrigeration needs to ensure that your food and other perishables remain at the right temperature.


Our HVAC service providers are all certified and experienced in commercial and residential refrigeration repair, replacement and installation. If you are having trouble with your existing refrigeration unit, our technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and let you know if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.


If your refrigeration unit cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced altogether, we can help with this also. Our experts are knowledgeable about the different types and brands of refrigerators on the market. The experts from our HVAC company can help you determine the type and brand that will best meet your needs.